Blueberry Producer

This business is a vertically integrated agricultural business that is involved in the production, sorting, packing and marketing of fresh and frozen blueberries.
The company produces a small percentage of blueberries in its own farms and purchase fresh and process grade blueberries from outside growers under yearly renewed contracts to fulfill the annually recurring purchase orders.


Business Highlights:

  • FDA Approved Facility
  • HACCP Certified by CFIA and GFSI Certified by PrimusLabs
  • Vertically Integrated
  • Exports to four continents
  • Supplier of famous brands
  • Strong management team in place

Despite seasonality of the farming segment, the company supplies I-Q-F products globally and year round, so there is no distinct seasonality effect on sales.


The company owns 26 acers of blueberry farms and processing facilities of more than 46,000 ft2 located on the farms including fresh pack lines, Independent Quick Freeze (IQF) tunnel to process the frozen blueberries, cold storages, and warehouses.


Growth Opportunities:

Global Growth

Global consumption of blueberries is growing by 10% CAGR.

Export Growth

Canada is third largest producer of blueberries worldwide and Canadian export increased by 7% CAGR over last decade.

Processing Other Berries

Divesture of product line by expanding IQF process to other produces.

Excess Capacity Available

The company has established facilities to support growth. In 2017 the company invested $3.2M in a new processing facility that expands the production capacity of the company.

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    share sales
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    western canada

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